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Rooms in the Orr Mansion


Warming Room/ Den

      This room was used by the servants to keep food warm before being served. The food was brought from the basement kitchen up by a dumb waiter (also called a hand elevator.)  The food was then passed through an opening into the dining room.  NOTE: This area is now walled in but was next to the door leading into the dining room. The room is now shown as the kitchen and pantry. The lights are correct to the time period of the house but not the house itself.

Items of Interest:

Ice box

Ice tongs

the period stove

    The Den was the area at the west end of the kitchen.

Dining Room

     Wainscot was all around the room and perhaps had mirrors above. The Pickering Family put in the ceiling beams in the 1950s. The ceiling light is original to the time period of the house but not the house itself.

     Victoria Stanley and the Tamplin Trust sponsored the redecorating of this room.

East Parlor (Living Room)

     The fireplace had mirrors mounted above it and the furniture was black leather. A photograph of Mr. Orr on his horse is above the fireplace. The Pickering Family installed the chandelier. The fireplace surround is original to the time period, but not the house itself.      

     Dennis Kuba & family of Professional Restoration sponsored the redecorating of this room.


     The table in the middle of the entry room belonged to the Orr family. The Pickering Family originally installed the chandelier in the dining room, but the Society moved it into the entry during the recent renovation.

     Judy & Bob Wilson and Bethany Wical of Flair IV Design sponsored the redecoration of this room.

West Parlor (Living Room)

      This was used for company and the fireplace also had mirrors mounted above it. The Pickering Family installed the chandelier. The fireplace surround was originally in Judge William H. West’s home on South Main St. in Bellefontaine. Robert Armstrong of DeGraff donated the piano.

     The redecoration of this room was sponsored by Ted & Carol Kneisley.

Music Room

     Originally had a door through the north wall into the den at the side entrance of the home. The ceiling light is original to the time period but not the house itself.

     The Underwood family sponsored the redecoration of this room.


1st Bedroom

On east side.

Items to note:

The rope bed

Chamber Set donated by Ralph & Ann Wood

1862 sewing machine

Spinning wheel

     Restored and redecorated in honor of Gus and Idola Kaylor by their grandsons James K. Wood and Ralph A. Wood.  Furnished in the style of the early to mid-1800s

2nd Bedroom- Nursery

Nursery - East Side

Items to note:

Black walnut vanity believed to have belonged to the Orr Family.

Candlestick on vanity is from a child’s bedroom, ca. 1874.

Day bed from the Skidmore family donated by Pat & Dick Ortli

Iron crib

Homemade hobby horse

Wooden baby walker.

Restored and redecorated in honor of Fred and Alice (Dean) Bayliss and Paul and Mildred (Westfall) Hall by Jeff & Jannice Hall and sons.

3rd Bedroom

"Miss Green’s Room"- Front/South, East Side

     Originally Mr. & Mrs. Orr’s bedroom and now used to display bedroom furniture, clothes, etc., from the Green family of East Liberty – all donated by Eloise Green.

     Restored and redecorated in honor of Milton and Sylvia (Creviston) Green and Earle Green by Mary Eloise Green.   


Front/South Side, Center

Items to note:

1) Doors leading on to second floor balcony. Orr grandchildren slept out on balcony on warm summer nights

2) The desk belonged to Mr. Orr.

3) Photographs on desk are of Mr. Orr’s mother, a granddaughter and one of his lumber businesses.

4) Green-Cushman hunting camp in Georgia painted by Warren Cushman whose family owned the cabin and land with the Green family (see Miss Green’s Room on East Side of mansion)

5) Prehistoric Indian points and tools donated by the James K. Wood Estate

and Ralph & Ann Wood. The artifacts were found in Logan County

     Restored and redecorated in memory of Isaac Newton Eads, 96th Regt. OVI, Civil War by Fred and Edith Eads

4th Bedroom

Front/South, West Side

Items to note:

William Orr’s daughter, Cecille, used this room.

The sleigh bed.

Restored and decorated in memory of Ruth Wammes by Paula and Shelley Wammes.


The Ballroom

Orr Mansion Ballroom.jpg

    Reached by steep steps.

* Floor was of three kinds of inlaid wood (floors refinished in 1999.)

* Small tables were placed at each window.

* Formal dances and parties held here.

* The Victrola belonged to the Stuber family who lived in the house in the 1920s.

* American Legion emblem at top of steps

* Double doors led to third floor balcony for guests to get a breath of fresh air. The original doors were replaced in 2001 because of severe warping. Society members David & Judy Castle and Dublin Millworks donated a reproduction of the doors. The door is cherry on the inside and oak on the outside. It includes nearly 500 miter cuts. Double D Construction of West Mansfield did some more work on the doors in 2014.

* The ballroom is currently used for temporary exhibits.

* The ballroom was restored in 1998 by the efforts of Professional Restoration and crews from The Logan County Human Services.  The President of Professional Restoration Company is Dennis Kuba, and it has been estimated that the company’s donation of time and effort to the museum was worth some $25,000.  To honor this, the Board dedicated the refurbished ballroom to Mr. Kuba and his company.

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