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The Fraternal Order Exhibit

The Logan County History Center is pleased to present our new exhibit honoring some of the fraternal and sororal organizations in Logan County’s past and present. We hope the exhibit will give our visitors a better understanding and appreciation of the far-reaching effects these benevolent organizations have had, and in many cases, still have on their members and our community as a whole.

As special thanks to LCHS Archivist/Assistant Curator Beth Marshall for doing much of the research and writing for the exhibit, and to Archives volunteer Don Corwin for also providing hours of research and helping explain some of the intricacies of the fraternal orders.

            We would also like to thank the organizations and their members who have provided information and in some cases photographs and artifacts for the exhibit.

Freemasons: Garis Pugh, David Booher

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Masons: Rodney Blount and Michael Hassel & family

Order of Eastern Star: Susan Corwin

Shriners: Mick Lile, Bret Stahler

Knights of Columbus: K.C. Steggeman, Sara Marcinko, Jeffrey Cummons, Michael Marshall

Lions International: Nancy McGuire, Terry Esch, G. Bruce & Louise Norris

Benevolent Order of Elks: Lee Young and Sammy Gotterman

Fraternal Order of Eagles: Ted Kline

Loyal Order of Moose: Elaine DeMarsh 


We apologize if we missed anyone else who helped with the exhibit.

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