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Underground Railroad Room

     Logan County played a very important role in the Underground Railroad in the years leading up to the Civil War, with many stations or stops in the county. Numerous Logan Countians hid runaway slaves in their homes or on their property, while others helped lead the refugees on their escape. The Pickrelltown area was the most concentrated area of the UGRR in Logan County because of the prevalence of Quakers in the area. The exhibit in this room details some of these people and their efforts in this secret and illegal system.

     The furniture in the room belonged to Obadiah and Sarah Williams who were active on the Underground Railroad in both Logan and Hardin Counties. Escaping slaves slept in this bed while staying with the Williams. Please note the ladder in the hallway across from this room. The ladder was used by runaway slaves to get in and out of a cave on the Isaac Patterson homestead near Northwood in northern Logan County.

Other items of note:

Rifles made by local gunsmith and escaped slave Mesheck Moxley

Desk from Geneva College

Wood from the Henry Pickrell home

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