Logan County Business & Industry

   The Business & Industry Room is currently featuring restaurants and eateries in Bellefontaine primarily from the middle part of the 20th century. The restaurants featured in the exhibit are just a few that served the people of Logan County at this time and were chosen for the exhibit not only because they were popular at the time, but also because the History Center has photographs, newspaper articles, and in some case actual artifacts from these eateries. 

Bellefontaine Eateries Exhibit (6).JPG

Items of interest:

  • Neon sign from the Oak Hotel Cafeteria

  • Toaster used at the Dinner Bell restaurant

  • Sign from Don's Hamburgers

  • Reproduction sign from Shiveley's Drive-In

Bellefontaine Eateries Exhibit (8).JPG

We would like to thank several people for helping with this exhibit. LCHC staff member John McPherson provided much of the research and personal memories used in the text, as well as writing some the text. Jeff Ashley, who interned with us in 2016, also did a lot of research and wrote much of the text, as well as finding archival material and artifacts for the exhibit. Archivist/assistant curator Beth Marshall and the archives volunteers also helped Jeff find these items. Ray Stamm, Terry Conley, John Marshall and Brian Baker were instrumental in helping with the exhibit and making several of the props.