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Imagine a life with no video games, no Internet, no skateboards, no DVD's,

no CD's, no television, no radio, no computers .....


     Come visit the museum and we will show you how children entertained themselves and how they helped shape the world you live in today. 
     The museum brings history alive for you, it goes beyond old clothes, pictures, and furniture. It helps to link your present lives with the past lives of kids and young men and women who grew up in Logan County. We have special activities for children which can help you understand how kids lived years ago and how their contributions help make Logan County a wonderful place to live and raise a family today. 

     You can learn about life in Logan County before humans were here, about how the glacier helped form the highest point in Ohio, about the first inhabitants of this area of Ohio, the first native Americans to call the Logan County area home, and the first non-native settlers in the area.

     If you are interested in railroading you can learn about railroading in Logan County which housed one of the largest round houses in the entire country. 
     Come and join us and step into the past, it will give you an open window to the future. 

     Every year we have many students from our county schools visit the museum. Often their teachers thank us in many creative ways. Some of them have their students write thank you letters to us which we always enjoy. The following are examples of some recent letters, two from students and one from a teacher, for you to enjoy too!

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