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Indian Lake Room

    The Indian Lake Room tells the history of the lake region from its time as a swampland, to the Lewistown Reservoir, to its heyday as Sandy Beach Amusement Park and the Big Band era dance pavilions, through the 1960s riots to the present time as a state park and recreational lake. Indian Lake has always been an important part of Logan County, and for much of its history the county’s primary visitors’ attraction.

Items to note:

· Collection of autographs from Big Band performers who played at the dance pavilions at Indian Lake in the 1940s & 1950s.

· Governor’s table —made by an inmate of the Ohio Penitentiary for Gov. Vic Donahey (1923).  The table is of parquet design (like   pieces of a puzzle glued together) and was used by the governor in his summer home on Governor’s Island, Indian Lake. 

· Section of the Dream Bridge that connected the islands.

· Mouse head from the Wild Mouse roller coaster.

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