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Doctor's Office

     The Doctor’s Office or Medical Room details some of the medical history of Logan County and men who have practiced in the field. The exhibit includes information on Native American medicines up through the present.

Most of the equipment displayed in this room was used by Logan County physicians in their practices.  For example, the x-ray equipment was used in Dr. Charles Barrett’s office.

     The walker was made in Logan County.  It is made of wood and has three legs instead of the usual four in use today.  The doctors’ bags contained instruments used in examining patients and performing minor surgeries.  Doctors also carried pills and medicine cases, as pharmacies were few and far between.  Physicians made “house calls” to homes of patients too sick to come to the office.  They treated them in their homes and sometimes performed surgeries on the kitchen table.  Hospitals were found in very large cities only.  Often midwives, women knowledgeable in child birthing, delivered babies at home.

Other items of interest:

· X-ray table

· Fee Bill

· Walker

· Wheelchair

· Old medicines / instruments

· Doctors’ bags / pill cases

· Fee schedule (on x-ray table--contrast with today)

Pratt family medical/military exhibit

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